Epi(phyt)e, better known as Tillandsia, are airplants. These particular plants have no roots and they only need daylight and occasionally water to survive. They come in all different shapes and sizes and add a unique green detail to your home. 

As an interior designer, design products and accessories are my weak spot. 
So when I discovered these airplants on a roadtrip through California, it was love at first sight. The plants were used as decoration in several coffee bars and design shops, which gave me the idea to introduce the airplant as a living design object. Unfortunately I couldn't find these airplants anywhere when I was back in Belgium. That's why I decided to combine my passion for design and plants and start my own webshop: Phyt. This way everyone can get to know these awesome, easy to care for plants and have them in their home as well! 

All of our plants are acclimatized for several months in a greenhouse that specializes in Tillandsia plants. This means that our plants are very robust and in a much better condition than most airplants you'll find in other stores. I noticed this striking difference after doing some thorough 
research and trying out different suppliers for these airplants. 
That's how I try to make a difference: to only offer the best quality.

As a designer myself, I also want to create a plaform for young emerging designers. That's why I choose to work together with smaller design studio's for our accessories. Almost all of the accessoires on the webshop are handmade and exclusively designed for Phyt, because I want all of our products to be unique and tell a story. 

Phyt is an online exclusive brand, so we do not sell our products in or to other stores. 
All airplants you might see or buy in other stores are not ours so we can not guarantee their quality. 

I hope you enjoy the plants as much as I do!

— Sofie  

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